Pour Elle For Women Eau De Parfum Sensuelle

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  • SKU: CSP-ANGE00005
  • Brand: Angel Schlesser
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Angel Schlesser Pour Elle For Women Eau De Parfum Sensuelle is a luxurious fragrance designed to captivate the senses and leave a lasting impression.
  • Fragrance Family: Eau De Parfum Sensuelle belongs to the floral and oriental fragrance family. It combines the freshness of floral notes with the warmth and depth of oriental accords, creating a sensual and sophisticated scent profile.
  • Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a burst of vibrant and refreshing top notes that awaken the senses. These top notes are typically the first impression you get when you apply the perfume and tend to be lighter and more volatile. In Angel Schlesser Pour Elle Sensuelle, you can expect to find notes such as:
  • Bergamot: A zesty and citrusy note that adds a sparkling and bright introduction.
  • Mandarin: A sweet and juicy citrus note that complements the bergamot, adding a touch of fruitiness.
  • Heart Notes: As the perfume settles, the heart notes emerge, bringing depth and character to the fragrance. These notes are typically the heart of the composition, defining its core personality. In Angel Schlesser Pour Elle Sensuelle, you may encounter:
  • Jasmine: A rich and sensual floral note that exudes elegance and femininity.