Loveme The Emerald Elixir For Women Elixir Parfum

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  • Brand: Tous
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Tous is a well-known brand in the world of perfumes and jewelry. Their fragrances are often characterized by a blend of elegance, youthfulness, and a touch of sophistication. The name "Loveme The Emerald Elixir" suggests a fresh and vibrant scent, possibly associated with the qualities often attributed to emeralds, such as freshness, nature, and luxury.
  • Here's a hypothetical detailed description based on the information available up to my last update:
  • Tous Loveme The Emerald Elixir For Women Elixir Parfum 50ml:
  • The Tous Loveme The Emerald Elixir is an exquisite elixir crafted for the modern, vibrant woman who embodies the spirit of nature and elegance. This perfume is a tribute to the mesmerizing allure of emeralds, capturing their essence in a captivating olfactory experience.
  • Top Notes: The fragrance begins with a burst of invigorating top notes, where the freshness of citrus fruits, such as bergamot and lemon, intertwines with the sweetness of juicy fruits like blackcurrant and apple, creating an immediate sense of vitality and zest.
  • Heart Notes: As the fragrance settles, the heart notes reveal a lush bouquet of floral aromas. Delicate petals of jasmine and rose merge with the enticing allure of white flowers, infusing a sense of femininity and elegance into the composition.
  • Base Notes: The base notes linger on the skin, leaving a lasting and enchanting trail. A blend of warm and woody notes, including cedarwood and patchouli, embraces the senses, enhancing the depth and richness of the fragrance. The creamy vanilla and musk provide a smooth and sensual finish, leaving an unforgettable impression.