Les Colognes Concentrees For Women Eau De Toilette

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  • SKU: CSP-TOUS00019
  • Brand: Tous
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Tous Les Colognes Concentrees Eau De Toilette 50ml is likely to be a fragrance designed for women, falling into the Eau De Toilette category. Eau De Toilette typically contains a lower concentration of aromatic compounds compared to Eau De Parfum, making it a lighter and fresher scent. Here's a breakdown of what you might expect:
  • Fragrance Concentration: Eau De Toilette generally contains around 5-15% fragrance concentration, providing a moderate scent that lasts for a few hours.
  • Fragrance Notes:
  • Top Notes: These are the initial scents that you'll smell upon application. They are usually light and refreshing. Tous fragrances often include fruity or floral top notes like citrus, berries, or tropical fruits.
  • Heart Notes: These are the main body of the fragrance and become more prominent after the top notes fade. Floral notes like jasmine, rose, or lily could be part of the heart notes in Tous fragrances.
  • Base Notes: These are the lasting scents that stay on your skin for the longest time. Common base notes include musk, vanilla, or woods. Tous fragrances might incorporate warm and subtle base notes to create a well-rounded scent.
  • Overall Scent Profile: Tous fragrances often exude a youthful and playful vibe, appealing to a wide audience. The scent might be described as fresh, floral, and slightly fruity, making it suitable for everyday wear or casual occasions.