Kids Girl For Women Eau De Toilette

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  • SKU: CSP-TOUS00016
  • Brand: Tous
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Tous Kids Boy Eau De Toilette is likely to be a light and fresh fragrance, with a focus on being suitable for children. The term "Eau De Toilette" suggests a concentration of essential oils and aromatic compounds that give the fragrance a moderate longevity and projection.
  • Fragrance Profile:
  • Top Notes: These are the initial scents you'll notice upon application. In a fragrance designed for children, you might expect bright and fruity top notes, like citrus (lemon, orange) or perhaps apple, to provide a lively and fresh opening.
  • Heart Notes: These are the middle notes that become noticeable after the top notes fade. For a kids' fragrance, floral or herbal notes like lavender, jasmine, or maybe a touch of soft spices could be used to create a gentle and pleasant aromatic profile.
  • Base Notes: These are the long-lasting scents that linger after the top and heart notes have evaporated. In a children's fragrance, you might find light woody or musky base notes, giving a subtle depth to the scent without being overpowering.
  • Overall Impression: The intention behind Tous Kids Boy Eau De Toilette is likely to provide a delightful and approachable fragrance for young boys. It's designed to be cheerful, refreshing, and age-appropriate. The choice of ingredients and composition aims to ensure that the fragrance is pleasant for children while adhering to a lighter concentration suitable for youngsters.