Illusione Tonka Solaire For Women Eau De Parfum

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  • SKU: CSP-BOTV00030
  • Brand: Bottega Veneta
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Bottega Veneta is known for its luxurious and sophisticated fragrances, and the Illusione Tonka Solaire For Women Eau De Parfum is no exception. This fragrance is designed to capture the essence of a warm, sunlit day, evoking feelings of sensuality and elegance.
  • Top Notes: The top notes are often the first impression of a fragrance and set the tone. In this hypothetical fragrance, you might expect fresh and bright notes like citrus, bergamot, or perhaps a touch of green tea to provide a lively and invigorating opening.
  • Heart Notes: The heart notes are the core of the fragrance, and in the case of Illusione Tonka Solaire, you might find floral elements like jasmine or orange blossom. These notes add a layer of femininity and elegance to the composition.
  • Base Notes: The base notes are the foundation of the fragrance, and for a fragrance with "Tonka" in its name, you can expect a prominent presence of tonka bean. Tonka bean has a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma that often provides a comforting and sensual base. It may be complemented by other base notes like vanilla, amber, or woody accords to enhance the depth and longevity of the fragrance.