Idole Nectar For Women Eau De Parfum Gourmande

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  • SKU: CSP-LANC00021
  • Brand: Lancome
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Fragrance Family: Gourmand
  • Lancôme Idôle Nectar is an inviting and intoxicating gourmand fragrance designed for women. This perfume is a variation of the original Lancôme Idôle, celebrated for its modern, luxurious, and empowering aroma.
  • Key Notes: The fragrance features a blend of carefully selected notes to create a unique and sophisticated scent profile. The specific notes may vary, but a typical gourmand fragrance like Lancôme Idôle Nectar may include notes such as:
  • Bergamot: A citrusy, fresh top note that adds a bright and zesty touch to the fragrance.
  • Pear: A sweet and juicy fruit note that provides a delectable aroma.
  • Rose: A prominent floral note that adds a romantic and elegant dimension to the scent.
  • Jasmine: Another floral note, jasmine adds depth and richness to the fragrance.
  • Vanilla: A classic gourmand note that brings sweetness and warmth to the composition.
  • Patchouli: An earthy, woody note that adds depth and complexity to the fragrance.