Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid For Women Eau De Parfum

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  • SKU: VIKT00019
  • Brand: Viktor & Rolf
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Flowerbomb is known for being a lush, floral explosion that's both sophisticated and captivating. Here's a general description of the Flowerbomb line, and you can envision how "Ruby Orchid" might align with this:
  • Fragrance Notes: Flowerbomb fragrances typically feature a blend of floral and oriental notes. Expect a burst of floral notes like jasmine, rose, freesia, and orchid, which could align with the name "Ruby Orchid." Additionally, other notes like bergamot, patchouli, and vanilla might add depth and complexity.
  • Packaging: Viktor & Rolf are known for their unique and eye-catching packaging. The bottle might be designed to resemble a bomb or have a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, depending on the variant.
  • Sillage and Longevity: Flowerbomb fragrances are generally known for their long-lasting sillage, making them suitable for all-day wear and special occasions.
  • Overall Impression: Flowerbomb fragrances are often described as a bold, feminine, and luxurious choice for individuals who appreciate a powerful floral scent with a touch of warmth and sensuality.