Enigma Pour Femme For Women Essence De Parfum

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  • Roja Parfums' "Enigma Pour Femme" Essence De Parfum is a luxurious and sophisticated fragrance designed specifically for women. Roja Dove, the founder and perfumer behind Roja Parfums, is renowned for creating some of the most exquisite and opulent fragrances in the world, and Enigma Pour Femme is no exception.
  • Fragrance Family: Oriental
  • Fragrance Concentration: Essence De Parfum (a higher concentration of perfume oils compared to Eau de Parfum, resulting in a longer-lasting scent)
  • Enigma Pour Femme is a rich and captivating fragrance that exudes elegance and mystery. It is a modern interpretation of classic oriental fragrances, blending a variety of high-quality ingredients to create a scent that is both alluring and complex.
  • Top Notes:
  • Bergamot: A citrusy and fresh opening note that adds a burst of energy to the fragrance.
  • Peach: A juicy and slightly sweet note that lends a fruity facet to the composition.
  • Pink Pepper: A spicy and vibrant note that adds a touch of warmth and intrigue.