Ck In 2 U For Women Eau De Toilette

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  • SKU: CSP-CALV00015
  • Brand: Calvin Klein
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Calvin Klein CK In2U for Women Eau de Toilette is a modern and youthful fragrance designed for women who are confident, free-spirited, and adventurous. It was first introduced in 2007 and quickly gained popularity for its fresh and energetic scent. Here's a detailed description of this fragrance:
  • Fragrance Family: CK In2U for Women belongs to the floral-fruity fragrance family, making it a perfect choice for daily wear, especially during the spring and summer months.
  • Top Notes: The fragrance opens with vibrant and zesty top notes that immediately grab your attention. These top notes include:
  • Pink Grapefruit: Provides a citrusy, refreshing burst of energy.
  • Bergamot: Adds a touch of brightness and sophistication.
  • Heart Notes: As the scent settles, the heart notes emerge, bringing a more delicate and floral character to the fragrance. The heart notes include:
  • Orchid: A sweet and exotic floral note that adds depth and sensuality to the fragrance.
  • Cactus: An unusual and intriguing note that adds a unique green freshness to the composition.
  • Base Notes: The base notes of CK In2U for Women provide a warm and lasting foundation for the fragrance. These base notes include: