Candy Gloss For Women Eau De Toilette

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  • SKU: CSP-PRAD00015
  • Brand: Prada
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Prada Candy Gloss is a popular fragrance for women by the Italian luxury fashion house Prada. It falls under the category of Eau de Toilette, which typically has a lighter concentration of fragrance oils compared to Eau de Parfum, making it a perfect choice for everyday wear or in warmer weather. Here's a detailed description of Prada Candy Gloss for Women Eau de Toilette in a 50ml bottle:
  • Fragrance Family: Prada Candy Gloss belongs to the gourmand fragrance family, characterized by sweet and edible notes.
  • Top Notes: The fragrance opens with a burst of fruity and citrusy top notes, offering an invigorating and refreshing start. These top notes are likely to include elements such as sour cherry and zesty mandarin.
  • Heart Notes: In the heart of Prada Candy Gloss, you'll experience a delightful blend of floral and sweet notes. These notes contribute to the fragrance's unique character and sensuality. Blossoms like orange blossom and sweet pea might be present, creating a soft and alluring floral bouquet.
  • Base Notes: The base notes of the fragrance provide depth and longevity to the scent. They usually consist of warm and sensual elements like vanilla and benzoin, which give the perfume a sweet and creamy finish.
  • Overall Scent: Prada Candy Gloss is known for its sweet, playful, and slightly powdery scent. It's a perfect choice for individuals who appreciate fragrances that strike a balance between fruity, floral, and gourmand elements. The combination of fruitiness and sweetness makes it a versatile fragrance that can be worn during both daytime and evening occasions.