A Girl In Capri For Women Eau De Toilette

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  • SKU: LANV00001
  • Brand: LANVIN
  • Type: Perfumes
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  • Fragrance Family: This fragrance is likely to belong to the fruity and floral family, which often features light and refreshing notes.
  • "A Girl In Capri" by Lanvin is designed to capture the essence of a sun-soaked, carefree day on the beautiful Italian island of Capri. This scent is all about embracing the spirit of summer and radiating a sense of effortless chic.
  • Fragrance Notes: Fragrance compositions consist of top, middle, and base notes, which blend together to create the overall scent. Here are the notes you might find in "A Girl In Capri":
  • Top Notes: These are the initial notes that you'll smell upon application. In a summery fragrance like this, you might find fresh and zesty notes, possibly including citrus fruits like lemon, mandarin, or bergamot. They impart a bright and invigorating start.
  • Middle Notes: Also known as heart notes, these are the scents that emerge once the top notes fade. For a fragrance inspired by Capri, you might encounter floral elements like jasmine, orange blossom, or a sea breeze aroma that adds a touch of the Mediterranean.
  • Base Notes: These are the deep, long-lasting scents that become more prominent as the fragrance dries down. For a scent like this, base notes could include musk, cedarwood, or amber, providing warmth and depth to the fragrance.
  • Packaging: Lanvin is known for its elegant and minimalist packaging. The fragrance bottle and box design could vary, but it's typically simple, classic, and reflective of the brand's sophistication.