212 Vip Wins Limited Edition For Women Eau De Parfum

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  • SKU: CARO00056
  • Brand: Carolina Herrera
  • Type: Perfumes
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for Women is a popular line of fragrances known for their elegant and glamorous scents. The limited edition versions of these fragrances often come in unique packaging and may feature subtle variations in the scent, although the core character of the fragrance typically remains the same.
  • Fragrance Type: Eau de Parfum
  • Scent Family: Oriental Floral
  • Top Notes:The top notes of the 212 VIP Women's fragrance are typically refreshing and vibrant, often featuring notes like citrus fruits and tropical fruit essences. These notes create an inviting and lively opening.
  • Heart Notes:The heart notes often consist of floral accords such as gardenia and jasmine. These notes provide a soft and feminine aspect to the scent, adding depth and complexity.
  • Base Notes:The base notes are usually warm and sensual, with ingredients like vanilla, tonka bean, and musk. These notes give the fragrance a long-lasting, sweet, and slightly woody finish.